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The Australian Kelpie. We believe they are the most athletic, intelligent, natural herding dog in the world. They work off command and have the natural herding instinct and intelligence to work on their own.

We have some of the highest percentage Harlan and Bert horses available today.

Welcome to Gaylord Foundation Quarter Horses!

We have been breeding quarter horses for over 35 years. One of the main ingredients of our horses is Mayflower. The Western Horseman did an article on Mayflower in 1957 called "Mayflower--The Matriarch of the Breed." Mayflower had two daughters by Beetch's Yellow Jacket; Lady Coolidge and Dixie Beach. Lady Coolidge being the dam of horses like Bert, JB King, and Angle; Dixie Beach being the dam of Little Jodie, Bailarina, M's Tom Benear, Little Dixie Beach, San Siemons Dixie, Little Mayflower, and Harlan, just to name a few. We have concentrated on these bloodlines with great results.

We started off with Roman Nose bred horses. Roman Nose had a beautiful head. Roman Nose #1522 was a 1940 son of Bert #227 out of a daughter of Midnight (Blue #959). My Uncle Francis Coulter and Dale Woodrell were the last recorded owners of Roman Nose. These were the horses I grew up with. My objective has always been to keep the concentration of Bert blood high so it dosen't get diluted down. Thus keeping the characteristics of Bert strong. We do this by using the blood of many sons and daughters of Bert so we have the out cross blood of their dams. We have done this with the progeny of Mayflower; Lady Coolidge through Bert, JB King and Angle. Dixie Beach through Little Jodie, San Siemons Dixie, Bailarina, Little Dixie Beach, Little Mayflower, Ms Tom Benear and Harlan. Take Little Jodie for instance, we are breeding high percentage Pudden Head horses. Just one of Little Jodie's get that we are breeding. By doing this we still have the same blood as they had in Mayflower's day.


Here are just a few of the bloodlines we have in our stock that take us back to Mayflower.

Sons and daughters of Bert represented in our horses;

Roman Nose, V's Quarter Boy, Brown Bert, Earl M's Mac, Victor, Necktie W, River Bert, Bert's Bay Boy, GM Sun Dog, Star Bert W, Graham's Cracker, Bert Blake, Lomax Bert, Bert Jr, George Paul, Bert Gettum, Bay Fay, Money, Maxine B, Beauty W, Merry Legs E, Phoebe Snow, Lou, Brown Star, V's Quarter Ladystar, Billie W, V's Patsy Ann, Bert's Little Princess, Trixie Blake, Bobby Weimer, Berts Dunny, Bert Baker, Bert James, Bee Bert, Young Bert, Miss Sue W, Zantanon Beaut, and Earl M's Comet.

We also have Muskogee Red, Red Star Joe, Jodie The Tuff, V's Lady Lee, and Pudden Head all by Little Jodie plus Paul A and Odoms Cochise out of Little Dixie Beach. Harlander, Harlans Tyree, Harlans Man, Harla Q Beaut, Harlans Last, Harlans Squaw, Harlan Okmulgee, and Red Harletta by Harlan.


We also have a lot of Oklahoma Star blood in our horses.

Here are sons and daughters of Oklahoma Star represented in our horses;

Nowata Star, Muskogee Star, Oklahoman Star Jr, Oklahoma Kid, Red Ball, Sizzler, Snort, Starboy, Starway, Star Deck, Star Bird, Star Lady, Star Lucy, Star Babe, Star Ann, Star Ann J, Snip Star, Grace H, Sarita, Lady Starlett, M's Grey Lady, Nip, Peaches, Quarter Lady Star, and Baldy Girl.

Our Stallions are awesome horses. Their colts are good looking, with great minds and a lot of COW. We do breed to outside mares. Contact us for fees. Go to View our stallions! to see all of Gaylord Quarter Horses stallions.

Here are some of the stallions we are using to perpetuate the blood of Bert and Oklahoma Star;

Lucky Roman Fud (bay) 34.375% Bert, 18.359375% Lady Coolidge & Dixie Beach

Roman Nose Kancity (gray) 34.375% Bert

Im Ropers Lucky Star (strawberry roan) 26.5625% Bert

These stallions also have many other links to Mayflower.

Our mares are as high as 33.0078125% Bert and 34.375% Harlan. Some carrying over 28.7353515625% Lady Coolidge and Dixie Beach. It is the Jurassic Park of Foundation American Quarter Horses. We have the highest percentage Bert horses available anywhere in the world..

We have own daughters of; Bayou Bert, JA Ozark Tops, Blue Nuisance, Roman Nose Tim, Roman Nose Duke, Roman Nose Chigger, Dustin R Bert, ML Bert Lasts Star, Berts Stamper Star, Lucky Bottom Dandy, Lucky Bottom Ole, He's Lucky Bottom, Bobbys Jo Bert, Hacksaw's Boomer, Roys Black Bert, Lucky Roman Fud, Ropers Lucky Bert, Unikia Two, Go Neon Lite, Hesa Lucky Eight, Roman Nose Wye and Roman Nose Kancity.

We have also purchased two new stallions for an out cross program;

MG Blue Valentine (blue roan) 38.28125% Blue Valentine, 50% Rowdy Blue Man. Goes back to Joe Hancock 30 times.

We are breeding the highest percentage Bert blood available today and are also crossing the Berts and Harlans on the Joe Hancocks for a ranch horse that can't be out done. Also we will have many roans available with an outstanding pedigree to go with the color.

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